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Digital Nomads: Employment in the Online Gig Economy Abstract : In 1997, Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners published their future-looking manifesto  Digital Nomad  that, decades later, would present as a manifesto for a lifestyle movement.
Hispanics in the U.S.: Rethinking the Spanish Cultural Politics Abstract : In the coming decades, the United States will become host to the largest Spanish mother tongue (“Spanish native speakers”) community in the world.
La via locale alla cittadinanza globale: una sfida epistemologica e politica Abstract : Rethinking the concept of citizenship means understanding the historical nature of the relationship between citizenship and nation-state and going beyond the definition of a formal and legal status, such as the membership to a political system.
Globalization and Postnational Model of Citizenship Abstract : This paper investigates the postnational model of citizenship and contemporary challenges to postnational citizenship in the era of globalization whose nature is ambivalent and also includes fragmentation.
Democracy and Climate Change: a Confucian Proposal Abstract : Democracy is one of the West’s most important contributions to universal human heritage. Still it presents some drawbacks in the ways it relates to certain global problems, especially climate change.
Towards Global Political Communities and New Citizenship Regimes Abstract : Until now, attempts to identify a meeting point between the preservation of a universal political identity and maintaining national forms of belonging seem to find little application in the policies of world governments.
European Citizenship as Rights Claiming Abstract : European citizenship, which was once seen as the symbol of European integration, is increasingly perceived as an obstacle to self-government and a threat to national welfare.