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Party-Movement's Power Dynamics in Transcultural Perspectives: the AAP and the M5S between Participation and Electoral Politics Abstract : Political parties are privileged phenomena from which to analyse and understand political power dynamics; this article focuses on a specific type: party-movements.
Geographical Proximity is not Enough: How Culture Shaped Placement, Spatiality, and the Outcomes of the Arab Spring's Uprising Abstract : This paper investigates the phenomenon of the Arab Spring against the background of cultural traditions and attitudes that sustained these protests and carried them across borders of more than twenty countries in the Middle East in a move of cultural contagion of conflict (Gelfand et al.
Legal Pluralism in Contemporary States: Between Traditional and Formal Justice Mechanisms in Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire Abstract : It is generally assumed that African states have yet to explore the full potential of their traditional institutions and the specific role that society wants them to play in modern states.
Beyond Globalization: Reflections on Glocalism Abstract : The old adage states that humankind moves “one step forward” before it moves “two steps backward”, suggesting that there is no such thing as a linear evolution.
Does Glocal Political Power Already Exist? Abstract : Large periods of history are usually characterized by equally important moments of change in scientific knowledge and, in particular, in the understanding of political power.