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Il Concetto di "Hyperobject" nella Geografia Contemporanea Abstract : The philosophical notion of Hyperobject , as proposed by Timothy Morton (2013), might be a useful tool to reframe some of the key issues in human-environment relationships.
Mapping the Networks in Hyperlink Movies: Rethinking the Concept of Cartography through Network Narratives Abstract : Network narratives, hyperlink or ensemble movies are a seductive introduction to the complexity of our globalized world and our social interactions.
Multi-level Governance as an Alternative: The Municipality of Barcelona and the Ciutat Refugi Plan Abstract : This paper analyses the response of the Municipality of Barcelona to the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe as an alternative solution that challenges the national government’s restrictive approach.
Territories, Peoples, Sovereignty Abstract: Nation States have three defining characteristics: government of a territory, rapport with a group of people and ownership of a sovereign power. All three of these characteristics are undergoing changes.