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Credere nel mondo: l'umano e la fine Abstract : In this essay I try to underline the relation between different ways to think about the end of the world and different philosophical anthropologies, which are always presupposed in those thoughts.
Issues, Concepts and Applications for Sustainability Abstract : Humanity and societies today face important challenges related to sustainability and these are expected to become more significant in the future.
Macerie: il fantasma della natura nell'era dell'Antropocene Abstract : The blind faith in progress, as a submission to a nomosimbued with mythical elements, is declined today through concepts and slogans which participate in the umpteenth ideological ...
Policy in the Anthropocene Abstract : This article discusses recent works on the notions of postpolitics and sustainability in conjunction with illustrative examples from empirical data collected during long-term fieldwork in and around the tourist town of Broome in the West Kimberley region in Australia.
Reflecting on Local Reality: Tensions and Challenges of Sustainable Development in Contexts of Urban Poverty Abstract : The aim of this paper is to present some reflections on the tensions and challenges that emerge from both the literature review on sustainable development and the study of sustainable development as a paradigm in local contexts.
The Social Construction of Water Scarcity: an Exploration Study along the "Bharathapuzha" in Kerala Abstract : Water scarcity is a very critical issue in the context of sustainability and global environmental change. However, the notion of scarcity also has its local roots that are constructed by diverse actors with specific values, knowledge and interests.