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Boko Haram and the Nigerian State: a Different Perspective Abstract : There exist several religions in Nigeria. Many of them are exploited for political gains. As Samuel Huntington has predicted, given the collapse of communism, the main contention and controversy in the world would revolve around religion.
L’Analyse du Risque Géopolitique: du Plausible au Probable ​Abstract : This paper is going to explore the logical process behind risk analysis, particularly in geopolitics. The main goal is to demonstrate the ambiguities behind risk calculation and to highlight the continuum between plausibility and probability in risk analysis.
Mapping the Glocal Turn: Literature Streams, Scholarship Clusters and Debates Abstract : Based on a bibliographical survey, this article presents evidence of a silent glocal turn in 21 st  century academia.
Risk Management in an Increasingly Complex and Interconnected World Abstract : Risk management is especially challenging for risks, which cannot be modelled using historical data due to rapid technological, environmental or social changes in an increasingly complex, interconnected world.
The Nature Terrorism Reports on Social Networks Abstract : As new tools of communication, an in-depth study of social networking in the era of global terrorism is attempted in this article.
The Political Exclusion of (Illegal) Bangladeshi Immigrants in Assam Abstract: The main focus of this paper lies in explaining the hypothesis that the exclusion of the (illegal) Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam has been the outcome of a continuous historical process undertaken by the political leaders of the state, rather than as a result of any particular mass uprising from ‘below’.
The Politics of Global Health Security: Problemetizing a Social Evidence Abstract : Why have states, in a somewhat short period of time (1995-2005), suddenly decided to “cooperate” regarding global infectious disease surveillance? What kind of “cooperation” ...