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Out or In? The Black Blogosphere and the News Media Abstract: Alternatives to the dominant public sphere and associated dialogue are especially important for underrepresented groups.
The Road to Liberating Citizens While Governing the Urban Areas. The Tale of Two Cities: Cairo and Buenos Aires Abstract : The relation between the political agenda, the social and economic policies, and urban planning and fabric of cities as a product cannot be missed.
Social Media and Political Change in the 21st Century: the African Experience Abstract : Technology no doubt is the engine that drives the modern world, both for destruction and good; and one of the wonders of modern technology is the computer and the allied internet.
Internet and Social Media’s Social Movements Leading to New Forms of Governance and Policymaking: Cases from India Abstract : Just as internet has touched and transformed every aspect of human life in present times, its significant effects on the realms of politics and governance is captured in this essay through some real world events like the social movements.
The United States and the European Community (1969-1974): Economic and Political Disputes Abstract : This paper aims to examine the economic and political disputes between the United States and the European Community between 1969 and 1974.