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Cosmopolitan Utilitarianism and the Problem of Local Inaction in a Globalized World Abstract : This article explores the problem of the public acceptability of political inaction as an extreme consequence of cosmopolitan utilitarianism.
Expectation vs Reality: Cosmopolitan and Insular Social Capital among Malaysian Chinese Youth Abstract : This article discusses the form of social capital present among Malaysian Chinese youth, comparing across those who are Chinese-medium educated and English-medium educated.
(In)Secutiry Regime among African Youth: The Age and Law Curfew Abstract : this paper purports to present the account of twin phenomena of age and constitution that anointed the relegation of African youth to the wastebasket of oppression.
Os Blogs enquanto Espaços de (Re)territorializacao de Identidades Abstract: Blogs are a locus of tension between global and local, between online and offline, a virtual place where individuals meet, interact, express themselves in a process of (re)territorialisation among the identity fragmentation of post-modernity and the internet itself.
Place Attachment in a Sustainable Neighbourhood: Comparison of Two Cases in Surrey, B.C Abstract : Scholars have voiced the emphasis of studies in sustainability on environmental sustainability over social sustainability. One of the dimensions of social sustainability is neighbourhood cohesion among residents of a neighbourhood.