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Issue 2015, 1

Prefatory note

Aumenta dimensioni testoDiminuisci dimensioni testo

This issue takes Glocalism’s cultural and scientific offering a step further towards a greater awareness of how profoundly glocalization touches the global situation, being involved not only in its social and cultural transformations but above all in the problem of its governance. 

We therefore thought it necessary to tackle the subject – a highly innovative and difficult one – of the global polity and global policies in a world undergoing unprecedentedly deep transformations, some of which we have touched on in previous issues of our journal. 
To accomplish this we have called on a number of well-respected intellectuals for help: Sabino Cassese, who compared notes with us throughout the preparation of the issue; and Lorenzo Ornaghi and Roland Robertson, who wrote the main articles. The issue promises to be a highly worthwhile one in terms of the quality and variety of the contributions we have received. 

It is our hope to stimulate a debate around this attempt of ours – difficult, certainly, but in some respects also courageous – not only about this issue’s content and the thinking it brings together, but also about the political implications of our chosen subject for a journal like Glocalism. 



Chairman, Globus et Locus
Editor-in-Chief of “Glocalism”