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Anatomy of the Lockerbie bombing: Libya’s role and reactions to al-Megrahi’s release. By K. J. Ani, U. O. Uzodike Abstract:  Despite its long historical antecedents, terrorism is amongst the growing realities of the national history of contemporary sovereign states.
Beyond the discourse of globalization. By R. Robertson Abstract:  This paper deals with the ways in which discourse concerning planet earth is being transcended.
Global polity e policies: verso forme nuove di conoscenza del potere Abstract:  Global polity and policies are a forceful new factor in the changing face of power, both how it is exercised and legitimatized.
La théorie des régimes dans un monde globalisé : entre évolutions et résistances. By F. T. Zoungni Abstract : In 1982, in the journal “International Organization”, was published a special issue on international regimes. This special edition was reprinted a year later as a collective book under the direction of Stephen D.
Resilient development and environmental justice in divided territory: political ecology in the San Diego-Tijuana bioregion. By K. Haines Abstract:  This paper explores issues in the expansion of environmental justice rhetoric to the developing world, and propose insights from resilience theory, political ecology, and bioregionalism as supplements.
Taking salience seriously: the viability of Ronald Dworkin’s theory of salience in the context of extra-territorial corporate accountability. By D.B. Dennison Abstract : In his posthumously published article “A New Philosophy for International Law”, Ronald Dworkin advocates for the use of “salience” as means for generating international law.
The emergence of global administrative systems: the case of sport. By L. Casini Abstract:  The “global” dimension of sport is, in the first instance, regulatory, and it embraces the whole complex of norms produced and implemented by regulatory sporting regimes at the international and domestic levels.
The evolution of civil society and the rule of law regarding female genital mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan. By R. Cardone Abstract:  International human rights law relies on state sovereignty to localize suggested policy with codification and enforcement in an attempt to reconcile universalism with particularity.
Transparency and participation in the global polity: lessons learned from food and water governance. By D. Bevilacqua and F. Spagnuolo Abstract : Within the global polity several global regulatory regimes overlap and intersect without establishing one single and unitary legal order.