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Address to "Glocalism" by the Mayor of Milan. By G. Pisapia It is now little less than a year until the appointment with Expo 2015. It will be the global event that will put Milan at the centre of the international debate on the theme of the second Milanese Universal Exposition after the one held in 1906: “Feeding the Planet.
Collective food purchasing networks in Italy as a case study of responsible innovation. By J. Hankins, C. Grasseni Abstract : Based upon fieldwork in Italy and the USA, the authors present work-in-progress insights into solidarity economies, and in particular alternative food networks, as a form of active citizenship that could re-orient the current debate on responsible innovation.
Eco-logie in conflitto: il «Chipko» da protesta contadina a icona ambientalista. By F. Riva Abstract : The article explores different cultural perceptions of food in relation to the environment.
Feeding the planet: between food security and food safety. By E. Scarpellini Abstract : The issue of food is indeed a systemic problem involving fundamental aspects of the social, cultural and economic organisation of our planet.
Frischeregime: Biopolitik im Zeitalter der kryogenen Kultur. By A. Friedrich, S. Höhne Abstract : Feeding people means producing population. Biotechnology, encompassing food production as well as assisted reproductive technology (ART), currently emerges as a most important apparatus ( dispositif ) of governing populations.
Le campagne lombarde, tessera chiave del mosaico agrario europeo. By A. Saltini Abstract : A comprehensive historiography of the agricultural development in continental Europe, from the medieval period until the XX century, does not exist.
Methodological questions for the post-2015 development agenda. By N. von Jacobi, J. Bonan Abstract : In 2015, the Millennium Development Goals are due to end. Academics, practitioners and the general public are eager to see which development agenda will take their place and a variety of different organizations are currently elaborating proposals for the next “round” of goals and targets.
Nanotecnologie e alimenti tra etica e diritto: prospettive della regolazione nell'Unione europea. By L. Leone Abstract : The employment of emerging technologies within the agro-food sector implies considerations of legal, ethical, economic and social nature, which require specialists from different fields of study to confront and cooperate.
Nutrire il pianeta, alimentare la speranza. By F. Anelli Abstract: The long-lasting crisis has produced a new inequality: in the advanced societies, the numbers of people below the poverty threshold are on the increase and in the world one person in eight does not have enough food to have a healthy, active life; every year, deaths due to starvation are in the millions.
Problems of Water Supply and Sanitation in Kpakungu Area of Minna (Nigeria). By B. Adeleye, S. Medayese, O. Okelola Abstract : Access to clean water and adequate sanitation has been a challenging issue in Kpakungu.