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Internet Revolutions, Democratic Globalization and Elections Outcome in the Twenty-First Century: Echoes from Nigeria Abstract : This paper examines the social contexts of the development and innovation of the science of global communication technology.
Seeing Like a Tesla: How Can We Anticipate Self-Driving Worlds? Abstract : In the last five years, investment and innovation in self-driving cars has accelerated dramatically. Automotive autonomy, once seen as impossible, is now sold as inevitable.
Interfaces in Social Innovation: an Action Research Story on a Tribal Women's Collective Abstract : This paper examines the nature of social interfaces that has emerged in the context of social innovations with vulnerable and marginalised tribal communities along the Tansa Reservoir in Maharashtra, India.
Reporting Together: Transactional Sociability, Digital Communities and Alternate Embodiments on the Road through the Use of Waze Abstract : The research discussed in this paper situates itself within experiential and critical approaches to architectural and urban space through GPS-based mobile app technology.
Do Digital Social Networks Foster Civilian Participation among Millennials? Kitchenware Revolution and 15M Democratic Regeneration Cases Abstract : Nowadays “education for citizenship” is presented as a solution for many of the political, social, and co-existential issues in Western democratic societies in order to tackle dysfunctionalities produced by globalization, populism, migration, information and communication technologies (ICTs), and violence.