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The next issues of "Glocalism" will be published at the following address:

Since its inception in the nineties, the Association Globus et Locus has been at the forefront of research and glocal practises. Globus et Locus is devoted to research, policy support, advocacy and networking on major aspects of globalization and its impact on a local level.

Thus, Globus et Locus has promoted research, projects and seminars, in co-operation with its members, acting both as a think tank and as a centre for planning, contributing to the work of its members and any other national or international bodies it collaborates with.

Today, the Association feels compelled to create a locus serving those that intend developing systematic thinking around these issues in a scientific context, where cultural contributions and insights into the glocalisation phenomena can come together and be encouraged.

This cultural need forms the basis for the project proposing a journal on glocalism. It is believed that the creation of a medium that completely supports reflection on glocalism and its practises represents an ambitious endeavour and can try to be also something new and innovative on the editorial front. The objective of this journal is to stimulate increasing awareness and knowledge around the new dynamics that characterise the glocal reality.

All these are the reasons why "Glocalism" is a peer-reviewed, open-access and cross-disciplinary journal, published every four months by the association Globus et Locus.


ISSN 2283-7949

“Glocalism. Journal of Culture, Politics and Innovation” is published by “Globus et Locus", Milan, Italy

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