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Glocalism is currently accepting manuscripts for publication

“Glocalism”, a peer-reviewed and cross-disciplinary journal, is currently accepting manuscripts for publication. 

We welcome studies in any field, with or without comparative approach, that address both the practical effects and the theoretical import.

All articles should be sent to:

Articles can be in any language and of a length chosen by the author, while the abstract and keywords must be in English.

See Double-blind peer-review rules

Issues topics
Call for Papers 2015, 2, GLOCAL SOCIAL CAPITAL

Contrary to appearances, human relations in a globalized society seem to be becoming, in general, increasingly more significant, fed as they are by diverse forms of rationality not reducible to that of economy. Personal relations tend to integrate themselves into social networks that generate trust and create various types of interpersonal exchanges. 

Papers deadline: April 30, 2015.
This issue is scheduled to appear at end-June 2015.
Call for Papers 2015, 1, GLOBAL POLITY AND POLICIES

Nowadays, not just States, but thousands of political institutions as well are producing rules and procedures, organizing human cohabitation on a global scale, in a form of heterogony of ends. This new order is in continuous evolution, created by an innovative global polity that is destructured, manifold, non-uniform, and incoherent.

Papers deadline: December 31, 2014. 
This issue is scheduled to appear at end-February 2015.

Call for Papers 2014, 3, GLOBAL CITIES

Cities are the spaces in which the global economy finds its raison d’être, and global politics finds its crises and new expression. Cities are the confluence of technological, material, monetary, and migratory flows. Above all, they are the manifestation of the new society, of innovation, and of the concretization of heretofore unknown possibilities for humanity.

Papers deadline: September 30, 2014.
This issue is scheduled to appear in end-October.

Call for Papers 2014, 1-2, FEEDING THE PLANET. ENERGY FOR LIFE

Feeding the planet that feeds us. This could seem a nonsensical invitation or yet another manifestation of human presumption. It refers instead to an imperative, where its deep meaning can only be understood once we consider its implicit circularity. 

Papers deadline: May 15, 2014.
This issue is scheduled to appear in end-June.

Call for Papers 2013, 1, HYBRIDITY

The genetic pool, social customs, scientific discoveries, political experiences and technical innovations have always tended to merge together, giving rise to new realities, which alter the very essence of humanity.

Deadline: September 15, 2013.
This issue is scheduled to appear at the end of October 2013.

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 ISSN 2283-7949
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